Why Manchester?

Manchester is the second largest urban agglomeration in the UK; its significant activity in the services, finance, culture, media and education sectors make it a dynamic and open city, full of life both during the day and at night, with infinite leisure opportunities, concerts, festivals, football matches, sports activities, open air performances in the green parks and the possibility to visit a wide range of free museums with all kinds of exhibitions.

Boasting unique architecture, thanks to a radical mix of old and new it has a distinctive feel, something which can be experienced by visiting its famous and unique bars and pubs where you can enjoy one of the famous “pints”. Likewise, Manchester offers a never-ending supply of restaurants where food from all around the world can be sampled.

The cost of living in Manchester is noticeably cheaper than in lots of other places in the UK or Ireland. The accommodation is estimated to be close to half the price of that in London or Dublin. Additionally, and something which we consider to be very important, is that its airport operates flights from low-cost companies throughout Europe, something which always helps to minimize spending and increase visits from people you know.

On your arrival we will give you a map and a guide with the most interesting areas and places so that you can begin to visit the city as soon as possible. You will also be able to do sport, for example jogging through its numerous and spacious parks, joining us and your friends in the football and basketball matches that we organize (as long as the weather allows for it) or sign up at one of the gyms near to the residences.

The large number of students from all over the world make Manchester a multicultural city, this being reflected in our academies and residences where you will be able to meet people from very different cultures.

Even though it is very easy to get around thanks to the network of speedy buses and trains, public transport is not cheap, which is why the excellent location of our centres, in the heart of the city, results in little need to use public transport to get around the city.

How can you offer these prices while still maintaining the highest quality?

We have small margins, without intermediaries, and we don’t spend anything on marketing; we rely instead on word-of-mouth and our students have become our best sales people.

How many weeks should I study for?

It depends on your level to begin with. Normally you need four weeks of intensive immersion (15-20 classes per week) to be able to achieve a more advanced level.

Can I opt just for accommodation without reserving a course?

We specialize in English courses and therefore the accommodation comes in conjunction with the course that you want to take. In any case, consult us and we will most likely be able to offer you an alternative.

Can I work during my course?

Depending on the academy and the duration of the course, there is the possibility of changing the timetable and even putting your classes on hold for a few days.

What happens if I find a job which doesn’t allow me to go to class?

It is possible to change the class timetables to fit in with a job, meaning that you will never miss any classes that you have signed up for.

Will I lose the classes I’ve paid for if I get sick?

You will never lose any classes that you have signed up for if you can’t attend because of illness, you will just need to get in contact with us and make us aware of your problem and we will respond as quickly as possible.

What qualifications do the teachers have?

All the teachers are natives, graduates and have English teaching qualifications and experience. In addition to their professional credentials, they have been carefully selected for their ability to keep students interested in the learning process.

Why do you not have an office?

It would mean an increase in costs for rent, moving in, personnel and handling costs, and this would reflect in the prices. Once you arrive in Manchester you will be able to meet us, either by going for a coffee or during the activities that we organize.